Monday, March 10, 2008

question 002

Name = Russel
location = Louisville, KY
Question = Experiment No.2 / Would it be an irreverent request to ask the Whitney Museum of American Art to hang her Jasper Johns at half-mast when I die from a Pop Art overdose?

well , Russel, it matters what work of art you died in front of and your age of death...for example if you died in front of a Warhol while doing heroin at the age of  27 ...and if you where listening to the velvet undergrounds first record while thinking about either nailing yourself to a multi-coloured  VW bug while listening to lou reeds  metal machine music and/or masturbating under a stair well while mumbling about post-structuralist  sexual fantasies involving art collectors who are rich because of the financial status of there ancestors ... then yes you can request that all jasper johns works made before 1970 can be hung half mass, but for every year you have lived over the age of 27 a different segment of his work is taken away, and a different one is added...for example if you die at the age of 35 then only lesser known works by him and work on paper can be hung, and all works made while he was living with robert must either be hung up-side down or be removed from the project.